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July 24, 2013
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Mass Effect - Occitania: The Wolfe Pack by The-JoeBlack Mass Effect - Occitania: The Wolfe Pack by The-JoeBlack

Mass Effect, background, costumes and weapon belong to Bioware and EA Games.
Bike belongs to Dynamix and Sierra Entertainment
Background picture created by Ryan Church
The name "Occitania" and original character names belong to me and are not to be used without my permission.

Jessica's "Wolfe Pack".
Left to right

Ayngel (the one on the bike): Her surname is unknown as apparently she is related to someone that she doesn't want people to know about.... Young, brash and cocky, Anygel is an extremely talented biotic and loves hand to hand combat.

Morgan Bishop (with the glasses): Jessica’s first officer. Backstory is still being developed.

Ekram Sabal (the Drell): He served hard time in jail and is a convicted killer. In jail, he shared a cell with Kai Leng. During Kai's escape, he drove a knife in to Ekram's back to get the guards to open the cell door. In exchange for providing information on Kai Leng's plans, Ekram was released in to Commander Jessica Wolfe's custody. Now he has to fight for the Alliance where he puts his cold merciless skills to better use, quietly awaiting the opportunity to return the favour to Kai Leng. He still carries the knife he pulled from his own back.

Commander Jessica Wolfe (centre holding the shield): You can read more about Jessica here:…

Belladonna (long ponytail and beret): Since the age of 13, Belladonna has been training in the French Alliance military "Infiltrator" division and took her blade from the first Phantom she killed barehanded at the tender age of 16. Belladonna has since learned to dual wield swords unlike everyone else in the Infiltrator division.

Scotty (the Keeper): During an electrical explosion, the Keeper "Scotty" had his mind essentially short circuited. Since the incident, Scotty no longer felt the compulsion to only work on maintaining the Citadel and became an honorary member of the N7 program and was enlisted in to Jessica Wolfe's "Wolfe Pack". He communicates through a voice emulator in his omnitool and has become a very proficient soldier in general. As he had no name, the team nicknamed him Scotty due to his engineering prowess.

Decimus "Decker" Kyric (in the Atlas) is the son of Nihlus Kyric. Living in his Father's impressive shadow as one of the most decorated Spectre's of all time, Decker decided he would make his Father proud by building his own career in the military. After a mission went badly wrong, the Turian government used Decker a sacrificial lame to take the blame and had him transferred to C-Sec. Decker chose not to see this as a demotion and went right ahead doing the best job he could, determined to fight his way back to the military.

After Saren murdered his Father, the Council decided to take pity on Decker and reinstated him in the Turian army. Proud to serve again yet still soured on his own government's actions, Decker volunteered to be part of a mixed race Black Ops team, nicknamed the "Wolfe Pack". He had his Father's facial tattoos applied as homage to his Father's memory and went straight to his new job taking out the biggest scum in the galaxy.

Decker is proud of his time in C-Sec and had the insignia put on to his new jetpack armor's chestplate. He believes you should never have any shame in the journey your life takes, as only the destination you arrive at is of any true importance.

He is strictly by the books unless he feels like he's about to be stabbed in the back. He does not trust his new teammate, the former convict and self confessed killer, Ekram Sabal and constantly has his eye on him waiting for one wrong move.

Decker is determined that his Father's fate of being betrayed by someone he trusted will never happen to him.

Cassius Salavador (seated) is the bastard son of a Earth diplomat and a prostitute. Cassius was adopted out to an Asari mother that was unable to have children of her own. He took on his adopted Asari mother's love of human history and has spent almost all the payout his father gave him to keep the affair that conceived him a secret, on ancient human weaponry such as the shotgun pictured. Rumours has it he even owns a relic called a Dodge Charger that he restored himself by hand. He refuses to dress in N7 uniform as he believes it singles him out as a target to assassins. Cassius has connections with both upper class diplomats and the most depraved pirates of the universe. Generally a good guy but not to be messed with.

Torvin Maliss (the Salarian). Handpicked by Hackett for the Wolfe Pack, Torvin was happily volunteered by the Salarian military due to his often bloodthirsty tactics on the field. This characteristic was seen as unbecoming of a Salarian soldier. Torvin is an expert pilot and an even better sniper. He dual weilds omniblades when battle becomes face to face. Relatively young, Torvin has some growing up to do.

Weapons ported by Nach77 and Razkurdt
Swords ported by Goha77
Car, Atlas and ammo crates ported by Nach77
Shuttle ported by me. N7 texture by J-7500
Omnitool ported by SumireHaikuXNA
Bike ported by Lezisell with fixed textures and added N7 logo added by me
Dagger ported by Berserker79
Fog ported by $AtlantiB$
Other characters made by me using parts from Goha77, SumireHaikuXNA, rexil, fullmoon, adngel, TheKillerCobra and a couple of lovebirds

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