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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 9:25 PM

Tagged by :iconzarkun:


1 - You must post these rules.
2 - Each person must share 10 things about themselves.
3 - Answer the 10 questions, then invent another 10 questions for people who will be tagged.
4 - Pick 5 people and put in their icons.
5 - Inform them that were tagged.

10 things about me:
1- I always win at Simpsons triva
2- I always lose at sports triva
3- I regret not keeping my toys in their original packaging
4- I regret not being bitten by any radioactive spiders
5- I only ever wear one out of ten items of clothing I own
6- I'm awesome at doing somersaults
7- I'm terrible at turning myself inside out
8- I've only played Mass Effect once due to that goddamn Mako
9- I've got a full size Captain America shield on the wall of my mancave
10- I hate people that drive under the speed limit. I WANNA KICK EM IN THE NOOTS!

:iconzarkun: Questions:
1. Who is your favorite sci-fi character, hero or villain of all time?
Answer: Pre-New 52 Batman. NOT the stupid Affleck version. (stupid buttface Affleck ruining my movies)
2. Why are they your favorite of all time?
Answer: He's gotten it on with Catwoman plus he makes wearing undies over the top of your pants look cool.
3. Do you have an OC you'd make out with in a heartbeat?
Answer: I think I have a small crush on all my female OCs...
4. What is your favorite universe: Transformers or Gundam?
Answer: Transformers! *cheechoochoochee* (that's the noise they make when they transform)
5. Favorite candy bar?
Answer: Anything with peanut butter. I'd eat my own boxer shorts if they were dipped in peanut butter.
6. Ideal husband/wife?
Answer: My wife. She's my best friend and she lets me feel her bewbies.
7. Who would win: Batman or Ironman?
Answer: Pre-New 52 comics Batman beats comic Ironman. RDJ Ironman beats Affleck Batman.
8. What would you do if you saw me in a crowded place and you could surprise me?
Answer: Smack you with a fish.
9. Now why are you stalking me like that?
Answer: I heard your belly was full of gold dubloons. I was chop you open like a tauntaun and get them out.
10. If the world was about to end, who would you spend your last moments with?
Answer: My wife. She cooks a mean satay chicken pizza.

My questions:
1 - What can you do better than anyone you know?
2 - What was your first music CD?
3 - What was your first DVD?
4 - What was your first video game?
5 - Which celebrity was your first crush?
6 - What was your favorite toy when you were little (or now)?
7 - Are you all natural or medically/chemically "enhanced"?
8 - Who would win in a fight? Avengers or Justice League and why?
9 - Do you make your bed or do you leave it in shambles?
10 - What's on your desk besides your computer?

I tag....
1 - :iconaneksunamun:
2 - :iconthefalliblefox:
3 - :iconyurei-hanatsuki:
4 - :iconlootra:
5 - :iconbloodbandit: BOOOOM!! My vengeance hath cometh!


Joe Black
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Australia (sigh)
Favourite genre of music: Something I can sing to
Favourite style of art: Comic
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod (there's other sorts of MP3 players now?)
Shell of choice: Turtle
Favourite cartoon character: Snake Eyes, Boba Fett, Batman
Personal Quote: Not the face!



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riccochet2005 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Big thanks for all those points, really appreciate it.
The-JoeBlack Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
No worries Ricco. Keep up the good work :)
riccochet2005 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Will do, Will do
MoShaol Featured By Owner 4 days ago
*unwrapping the sandwich out of subway wrapper*  Sasha Blouse (Eating) [V1] 
The-JoeBlack Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
*eats delicious Subway cookie*
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